Hulk and wonder woman fanfiction

hulk and wonder woman fanfiction
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Gal Gadot // Wonder Woman Fap Challenge

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Third story being written and this time it's about my 2nd favorite Superhero of all time… The Incredible Hulk., Nope…just…hard to write.

Hulk is sucked into a wormhole while leaping across the desert, and ends up on the island of Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman. - Before Superman or Wonder Woman could even digest what stood before them, the creature charged at them in a full speed.

Bruce Banner walks along a sidewalk for several minutes before arriving at a sidewalk florist and orders a bouquet of flowers. Bruce nods and smiles as he pays the florist and walks away, eventually arriving at the U. Embassy building, smiling to himself as he enters the massive building, the bouquet of flowers in hand. He enters an elevator and takes it to the top floor, approaching a door with a nameplate that reads, 'Diana Prince'. However, before he can knock, an Amazonian walks up to him. The mere mention of the name Wayne makes a small fire of rage brew inside of Bruce, but he calms down so Hulk doesn't emerge and make a scene.

Oh and I'm gonna give the hulk more powers then just super durability- bullets bounce off of him- to attacks, super strength, and super stamina all of which he has in the comics. Oh and the beginning this FF will take place in December, close to Christmas. Some scientists for S. Labs, located in Star City USA, were currently trying to open a new wormhole- new because a few weeks ago when they had come to the lab, there had been one that had opened up sometime in the night and had let a Gila Monster— a type of poisonous lizard native to the United States South west and some Northern parts of Mexico— into the lab, they knew it had come through the portal because they were nowhere near the native habitat of the lizard, and there were none in S. Labs because they weren't studying lizards this year.


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