Lip and karen just friends scene

The 10 best episodes of Shameless… So far

lip and karen just friends scene
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User Name: Remember Me? - They are best friends.

"Friends who like to do this." "Another Couple Based on Teen Sex" Lip + Karen Lip & Karen / Shameless US / - I don't love you!.
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Shameless US s02e01 Episode Script

Executive producer Nancy M. While Ian and Lip share some emotional scenes of brotherly affection, they never once turn their gaze to the past to—for example—reminisce about the scene in the first season where Karen was giving Ian a blowjob under the table. His relationship with Lip has been sporadic at best, they never managed to give him any friends outside of Mandy, and the show basically cut Fiona off from all of her siblings over the past few years.
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Drunken debauchery has never been as equally entertaining and painful to watch with a show that wants us to never know whether we should be laughing or crying. There was no way not to watch after the first introduction.

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The brilliant, but screwed-up son of Frank helps his older sister, Fiona, hold the family together, even while dealing with his own problems many of them his own making. Still, Lip Gallagher appeals to us in a way that can probably be scientifically explained. He's also a troubled genius, who draws us in with those woeful, soulful eyes. Lip deals with his circumstances the best way he knows how: the occasional violent outburst, sometimes just walking away and yes, actually giving good advice despite rarely following it himself. Lip Gallagher is the ultimate 'bad boy born on the wrong side of the tracks.


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