Coke and mentos challenge

Erupting Diet Coke® with Mentos®

coke and mentos challenge
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Spurting Science: Erupting Diet Coke with Mentos

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A Diet Coke and Mentos eruption is a reaction between the carbonated beverage Diet Coke and Mentos mints that causes the beverage to spray out of its.
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Diet Coke Mentos Experiment

A Diet Coke and Mentos eruption also known as a soda geyser is a reaction between the carbonated beverage Diet Coke and Mentos mints that causes the beverage to spray out of its container. The tubes of candies were threaded onto a pipe cleaner and dropped into the soft drink to create a geyser.
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This activity is not appropriate for use as a science fair project. Good science fair projects have a stronger focus on controlling variables, taking accurate measurements, and analyzing data. To find a science fair project that is just right for you, browse our library of over 1, Science Fair Project Ideas or use the Topic Selection Wizard to get a personalized project recommendation.

Carbon dioxide is the chemical compound that consists of two oxygen atoms bonded to a carbon atom. Carbon dioxide creates the bubbles in soda. The goal of this project is to explore the eruption of carbon dioxide when the candy Mentos dissolves in Diet Coke. The Mentos candy gelatin and gum arabic create an energy that breaks the surface tension of the soda. The pits on the candy coating act as conduits for carbon dioxide bubbles that form immediately when the candy hits the soda, increasing its fizziness. When the candy hits the bottom of the bottle, the gas is released and pushes the soda from the bottle up in the air in an amazing eruption! Not an Education.

Have you ever wondered whether or not the Mentos trick works with regular Coke? Does it work with other drinks? Here's the answer! All you do is drop a tube of Mentos candies into a bottle of soda. The carbon dioxide in the soda comes out of solution very suddenly, shooting up into the sky and drenching anyone within range with soda. The trick works with any carbonated beverage. It works with regular cola, orange soda, root beer, etc.


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