Petra and jane ramos

Jane Ramos and Petra

petra and jane ramos
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Jane Ramos

Spoilers for the April 6 episode. As Jane as in Jane Villanueva notes, JR makes Petra giggly, but the benefits of Petra being in a relationship with her go far beyond Petra just being smitten.

They begin to date after they believe the case is finally closed. All the same, after talking to Rafael, Petra takes his advice and asks Krishna to find her a lawyer. Petra is immediately against JR when she learns from Krishna that the lawyer's name is Jane.
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After the case had been closed, Jane and Petra start dating. However, while playing with Petra's daughters, she comes across the broken heel mentioned in Magda's testimony. She gets furious and breaks up with Petra, but returns when she realizes Petra may be in danger. They stay broken up until Petra tries to reconnect and when JR sees Petra's baggage with her own eyes, she's willing to give their relationship another try. After having been disbarred because of what Petra did, JR works as a bartender, but is later able to get a job in the legal field with help from her mentor.


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