Beck and jade sex fanfiction

beck and jade sex fanfiction
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A:N So this is a one shot I was thinking about this one shot before my internet went out for the weekend..
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Really, she blames Beck, because she can't not make out with him after he buys her Taco Bell for breakfast.
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They were both fully clothed much to Jade's disappointment. She was rubbing against him, trying to create friction. Beck moaned into her mouth as she rubbed.

AN: This is what came to my sick twisted brain when Robbie told Beck that he invaded people's personal space. The first part is mostly set up but halfway through is where Sleepover at Sikowitz's takes place so there are spoilers for it if you read this. The guy honked loudly and revved his engine. Behind them came a cop who turned his lights on and asked both cars to pull over. Beck sighed exasperated as he turned the engine off and rolled his window down for the officer. He looked over at her incredulously.


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