Which law and order svu character should you hook up with

Which "Law & Order: SVU" Character Should You Hook Up With?

which law and order svu character should you hook up with
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Will Stabler & Barba Return to 'Law & Order: SVU'? Mariska Hargitay Weighs In

A History of Fin's Different Partners Over the Years (And Why We Love All 6 Combos)

How would you rank these six favorites? Munch's Best Qualities: We love Munch for his off-the-wall conspiracy ramblings and grouchy-old-man-ness.

By Nellie Andreeva. Season TheMarathonContinues History. Setting a new all-time longevity mark had meant a lot to the uber-producer, who was very upset by the abrupt cancellation. The last 19 of them she has had Ice-T by her side. Such continuity helps as, even on a procedural drama, viewers identify with the head character, creating an emotional bond with them that makes them come back. Grammer did it as Frasier Crane on two series , Cheers and Frasier, and was a series regular for 17 of the seasons versus 20 for the other actors.

We get a glimpse of the kidnapper, but their face is obscured and unidentifiable. Also Read: Eminem Wins vs. She wants these shows to bring up issues and highlight problems in different ways. Also Read: Caught the 'Mindhunter' Bug?


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    There were twists and politics a-plenty, with ADA Barba Raul Esparza leading the charge to indict the cops not any of the main SVU characters who shot and killed the unarmed man who was fleeing from them.

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