Soul eater maka and soul sex

soul eater maka and soul sex
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Maka Albarn SOUL EATER

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Read Car sex from the story The Continue of SoMa (SoulxMaka) One-shot Soul and Maka one-shot lemons/smut and maybe even sometimes a little fluff.
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Read Phone sex from the story Soul eater lemon by soul_maka_ with reads . maka, soma, soul. "Soul yes!" Maka purred, soul smirked. "I know you want me.
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Maka pulled back from Soul's lips, her legs straddling him tightly as the pair grew increasingly more aroused on top of the somewhat sturdy couch., Hello fellow weapons and meisters!

Even though only a year and a half have gone by They were now nearing 16, yet acting the same childish way as before. Soul would still act stupid along with Black Star, Maka would Chop him for it, and even Death the Kid remained as hysterical over symmetry. Only one thing change over time, and that was their relationship. Or maybe you could say they got closer? As she moved her hand to her face a strong arm grabbed her, moving her closer to a soft and worm object.

Masturbation was not something Maka did. She didn't have anything against the idea per se, it simply wasn't something she did. Sure, she got excited sometimes like any healthy person did.


  1. Jana A. says:

    Maka woke up panting and covered in sweat.

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    Soul stood in front of the stove, flipping pancakes, and minding the eggs that were sizzling next to them.

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