Jamie and aiden

Jamie Thraves: Life is bittersweet

jamie and aiden
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I n the living room of his London home, film-maker Jamie Thraves is attempting to return to its cage a china-blue budgerigar named Sparky, which has taken up residence on the frame of a mirror. Three-year-old Harvey watches nonchalantly from the sofa as his father coaxes Sparky on to a quivering forefinger and moves gingerly across the room. But the bird takes flight when he gets within pecking distance of the cage; this happens three or four times before Thraves gives up and hands bird-rescuing duties to his wife.

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22-month-old Aiden McClendon murder: Two young men convicted

Lacross fans--Jamie Smith, Aiden Acquisto, Caden Mackenzie

Aiden and his mother had just picked up his great-grandmother from work, when shots were fired. Aiden was sitting in his car seat when he was hit in January , and his mother drove him to the hospital, but he died as a result of his injuries. Two 19 year olds convicted of first degree murder in a drive by shooting that took his life more than two years. Justice served.

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