Tight and wet vagina

Straight men share what sex feels like when you have a penis

tight and wet vagina
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Can I Make My Vagina Tighter for the Honeymoon If I Stop Having Sex?

We took it upon ourselves to ask some people with penises for answers. Fair enough.

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Busting the Myths Behind Vaginal Tightness

A perfect vagina would be one whose kegel muscles are so strong they could strangle a horse., After a long dry spell , sex can feel a bit painful and uncomfortable the first time back in the saddle.

From my experience working at Lioness , our product uses precision sensors to visualize orgasms —and yes, also see vaginal tightness. Especially the severely misinformed guy on the right…. When most people talk about tightness, they envision that the narrower the passageway, the more friction there would be between the vaginal walls and penis during sex. There are two things that are wrong with this notion. First, the intensity of the squeeze one feels during sex is not based on the width of the vagina, but the motion of the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina see below. Notice that I did not say strong — focusing on only strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with kegels can be counterproductive in some cases. If you did eventually your arm would probably start to hurt, and you might have a hard time carrying objects or typing at your computer.

An unbridgeable gap in understanding. But we asked a bunch of straight men to be as descriptive as possible when telling us what it actually feels like to put their penis in a vagina, so we can all get a little closer to understanding. All names have been changed, because few men want to publicly declare what sex feels like on the internet. Everything spent, but too weak to just roll over. Especially when the vagina is really tight and wet. Men tend to focus on the tip when they masturbate, but during sex there is a lot more going on with the base of the shaft, and it contributes greatly to sexual pleasure.


  1. Jade G. says:

    Almost no vagina is too tight for intercourse.

  2. Peter R. says:

    A common myth, debunked

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    “The kind that's so tight, she squints a little bit as you're trying to get it in. smelly, but if her natural lube feels like wet silk, it's a perfect vagina.”.

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