Sweetie belle and rarity

Forever Filly

sweetie belle and rarity
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Futa Sweetie Belle shows Futa Rarity how much she loves her ScrewingWithSFM

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Sweetie Belle has written, directed, and is starring in the school play, but she needs Rarity's help with the costumes.
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Claire Margaret Corlett: Sweetie Belle

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rarity and sweetie belle gif

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Sweetie Belle es una potrilla Unicornio y la hermanita menor de Rarity., Forever Filly is the sixth episode of season seven of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the one hundred and forty-ninth overall.

Sweetie Belle in On Your Marks. Sweetie Belle shares the name of a character in the third generation of My Little Pony. This previous incarnation resembles the G4 version, with white body and a purple and pink mane and tail.



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