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sai and ino lemon
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Read Sai X Ino Lemon from the story Naruto Lemons/Smuts Short Stories by AnimechicJM ( with reads. shippuden, fanfictions, naruto.
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As the sun set outside Yamanaka Flower Shop, Ino was clearing the cash register counting all the sales made for the day. Yamanaka Flower was owned by the Yamanaka clan and it had since been run by Ino since the death of her father Inoichi during the fourth shinobi world war.
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WARNING: Some parts contain Lemon. Underage? "Oh, Sai!" Squeaked Ino. Sai reacted and looked at her and gave his cute little smile.
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Pages Home Chapters Naruto Miscellaneous. - The sunlight cascaded through the sheer lavender curtains, illuminating the room and the young blonde that laid in bed.

InoSai - Dry Your Tears. It had only been a week since Asuma's death. His murderer, a member of Akatsuki named Hidan, was now meeting a fate worse than death. Ino, Asuma's student, was standing over his grave, and laid a large bouquet of roses to pay her respects. She wore, instead of her usual attire, a pink t-shirt with a small blue mini-skirt. Inside she felt like crying her eyes out, over missing her teacher so much.

That being said this could potentially be OOC and borderline crack, but I hope you enjoy it either way! Ino looked up from the flower arrangement in front of her, blond hair bouncing with the sudden movement. She glanced towards at the opposite end of the countertop where Inojin sat on a stool, sketchbook open in front of him, fingers dancing across the page in smooth, smudging strokes.


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