Life is strange max and chloe kiss

Life Is Strange Has the Most Awkward, Relatable Sex Scene in a Video Game

life is strange max and chloe kiss
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What kind of relationship do Max and Chloe have?

I always thought that they were just friends and that the game's story is about a deep friendship. I thought that the kiss you can give to Chloe as Max felt just playful. It was like a gag.

Max comments that she enjoys having Chloe back in her life again, in spite of all . As an example, Chloe dares Max to kiss her, and Max's decision will have a.
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Your End is Warren Not Chloe :interrobang: :confused: :smirk:

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Max and Chloe

The first important choice is in the first chapter of the episode. You have to chose whether to steal the money from the headmaster's office or not. During the conversation with Frank, you can start a fight with him, by making him angry twice. He will not be angry if afterwards, the girls will eventually give him the money. If they refuse, each answer that can make him angry will start the fight. Max can only say that they do not have the money and only one bad answer that will make Frank angry is enough to make him attack. Warren will write to Max a message about her relationship with Chloe.

Desktopversion anzeigen. Steam installieren. Globale Errungenschaften. What important decisions did you make to get Chloe and Max to kiss at the end?


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