Laura prepon and mila kunis

laura prepon and mila kunis

Mila Kunis Jessica Simpson and Laura Prepon Sexy Pillow Fight

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Laura Prepon and Ashton Kutcher have been friends for 20 years. Picture: Getty Source:Supplied. You get it.
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Who Dated Who: The Busy Love Lives Of ‘That ’70s Show’ Cast

Can you believe that this year is the twentieth anniversary of That '70s Show 's very first episode? It feels like only yesterday that we were watching Eric, Jackie, Michael, Donna, Steven, and Fez muddle through their teenage years!

The That '70s Show star guest co-hosted Friday's Live With Kelly , where he expressed his frustration over the fact that his former co-star did not personally share with him that she had gotten engaged to Ben Foster , and had to learn about it just like everybody else. She just announced this engagement, and I had to find out in the news!
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Ashton Kutcher Is 'So Pissed' at Laura Prepon for Not Telling Him She Was Engaged -- Watch!

Laura Prepon is engaged to actor Ben Foster. Ashton Kutcher (L), Mila Kunis, Wilmer Valderrama and Laura Prepon are still good friends.
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But this was the biggest reunion in more than two years., While it's been eight years since onscreen-lovers-turned-real-life-couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher starred together in That '70s Show , it seems that the pair's former co-stars still can't help but gush over the newly engaged lovebirds.




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