Ice cubes and sex

10 Sexy Things to Do with Ice

ice cubes and sex
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Sex tip: Ways to use ice cubes to make her go wild during sex

Skip navigation!, One sex tip I hear again and again involves ice cubes and your equipment downstairs.

By employing a technique called temperature play—using hot or cold sensations to stimulate the neuroreceptors under your skin—you can add a little kink to your sex life, says Talia Wagner, a Los Angeles-based relationship expert. Take several ice cubes out of the freezer and set them into a bowl.

Feb 17, 0 comments. Also, frostbite is real. If any of these things start to happen, stop the ice play immediately and warm up! The same goes with hypothermia, which can cause shivering, clumsiness, slurred speech, drowsiness, and confusion. To dip your toes into icy water without diving in, try a heating and cooling lip balm. To start your icy adventure, kiss and lick all over your partners body and most intimate areas for a gentle, tingling, cooling sensation. The more sensitive the area, the more impact the ice will have!

The coolness of ice can get temperatures soaring in the bedroom. We give you four ways to up your foreplay moves using ice cubes. Exchange cool kisses Start off with a slightly melted ice cube and slip it into your mouth. When you kiss your man, it will be a cool, refreshing experience for the both of you. Slowly push the ice cube into his mouth and repeat till the ice melts completely.


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    If You Use Ice Cubes During Sex, Take Note Of These 3 Techniques To Avoid

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    Begin with a slightly melted ice cube in your mouth.

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