Did jax and vail hook up

'Vanderpump Rules' Faith Reveals Her Hookup With Jax Was More Than Just One Night Of Intimacy

did jax and vail hook up
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Jax and vail hook up

Good gig if you can get it. But in Monday night's episode, "Tears Over Miami," we got the skinny on Jax's seemingly homoerotic backstory in a very tabloidy storyline.
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Jax Taylor Tells All On Raunchy Past With Gay Roommate During Shocking Night Out

But in a chat with Bustle, Vanderpump Rules ' Faith says she had feelings for Jax , and that he was more than a fling to her. She clarifies that while these weren't "strong feelings" for the year-old bartender, she always found Jax attractive and saw through his playboy exterior. Faith says she and Jax had a lot in common when they got together because they were both craving the single life it's just that one of them wasn't actually single. Even though it wasn't an incredibly deep connection, Faith adds that she and Jax got along well on a personal level. I think he chose to pursue me because he felt like I was my own person, in a sense.

Vail Bloom was the new kid on the block in Season 3 of Vanderpump Rules , but unlike most of the newbies that walk into SUR, she actually had a relatively peaceful initiation into the group.


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    Do Vail Bloom and Jax Taylor get together?

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