Nadine velazquez my name is earl

Earl's Girl: Nadine Velazquez

nadine velazquez my name is earl
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Nadine Velazquez - My Name Is Earl

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Nadine Velazquez plays the role of Catalina Aruca on My Name is Earl. She has appeared in the least amount of episodes out of all the main cast.
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My Name Is Earl's Nadine Velazquez talks to FemaleFirst

Add in Ethan Suplee, who also built a fanbase thanks to appearing in Smith movies, and this was tailormade for that specific audience., Robert Downey Jr.

Nadine E. She is of Puerto Rican descent. Her first acting role was a McDonald's commercial as a drive-through lady.
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She plays a former stripper who now cleans rooms in the seedy motel Earl Jason Lee and his dim-witted brother Randy Ethan Suplee call home, adding some Latina glamour to their otherwise rather shabby surroundings. The show, she says, 'definitely changed my life'. Nadine Velazquez was kicked out of school at 14, left home at 16 and got married at She is now Born in Chicago to Puerto Rican parents, Nadine, the middle girl of three, long harboured ambitions to become an actress.



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    As Catalina, she has a lot to say for herself, however this is not really the case in real life.

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