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I shot a short film about sand, water and the fat body. You can watch it here. I commissioned a local photographer to take a series of nudes of me. Inspired by mariabbw. The purpose of this blog is to promote people of all sizes, shapes and most colors and show the beauty and diversity in all bodies, while also occasionally discussing the topics of size and race, separately and intersectionally.

They thought he was a weakling, and hated it from day to day, from the regime of rhythmic gymnastics. The boys said they had nothing to do with the teacher they called ice man. He had five children, all girls, and was a religious nut. Neither the stretch trainer. He was strict, austere man, had never seen anything but a rumpled business suit;. And my suspicion soon fell on a high school teacher of physical education. Evasiveness of the boys, when I mentioned the older men told me that there must be someone.


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