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Elite escort service in Paris

Formed in by a well-placed group of investors in an offshore location, Privilege originally was set up to cater for only a small group of people who all knew each other - pretty good! And from there began to grow. Today we make agreements on a global basis, and we open our doors to the high-profile men who are looking for luxury escorts in Paris. It attracts those with a certain style and appreciation of things money can buy and things which money cannot buy, such as discretion, loyalty and a first class service, second to none. Think of us as the "Swiss Bank" of the pleasure industry. This is an expensive, chic club, whose members are successful businessmen, politicians, celebrities. We know how precious is the free time of a business person, so we are ready to turn every minute of your free time to an unforgettable experience.

This is to cater for the many thousands of business and leisure trip visitors to London every month. It is a fact that London has a great reputation for its night life, liberal attitude and stunning escort women. Some men just prefer to be in the company of a beautiful and expensive female escort whenever they have the chance to be in London.


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