He knew he fucked up

What are "disagrees"?

he knew he fucked up
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It was at this moment he knew he fucked up

In the videos, the footage pauses in a black and white freeze frame just before something goes painfully awry, with the voiceover narrator delivering the line with a slow and deep voice. Since emerging on Vine in , it has gained notoriety as a popular audio exploitable used in various parody videos. On September 14th, , Viner McCully Quinn [1] posted a short clip titled "Jonathan fucked up" featuring footage of a young man trying to slide on a ramp with a scooter. When he is about to fall down, the clip cuts to a black-and-white freeze frame while Quinn utters the line "It was at this moment that Jonathan knew he fucked up," shortly before resuming to show the final impact. As of January , it accumulated to over 1, loops and 1, likes on the site.

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