Strong woman beats up man

Polyana Viana, UFC fighter, beats up would-be thief in Rio after he tried to rob her using fake gun

strong woman beats up man
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Black Woman Beats Up Idiot Racist Man Who Was Berating Restaurant Hostess For Long Wait

Updated January 08, - Video of a man whose fury over not being served sushi quickly enough manifested itself into aggressive racism is making the rounds on Twitter.

Philip is a blogger based in Sweden who writes about martial arts, gender stereotypes and relationships, inspired by his marriage to a black belt hapkido instructor., We couldn't create your list.

Should have broken his nose. All females in Pakistan should take MMA classes and beat these perverted men to a pulp. Deserved all that after what he did. Woman did the right thing, people need to learn manners now its un ethical. Beating him up was the right thing that she did. Nicely handled…… little bit of courage… tremendous amount of impact on the society……. Women must confront men like these most often so that this horrendous behavior of harassment can come to an end.



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    I am constantly hoping that as a female I can be strong and prepared for things like this,” another user said. Polyana Viana Another said: “It made me so happy to read you beat up that 'robber'. I wish I Man tries to rob female UFC fighter.

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