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THE FIRST 100 YEARS 1893–1993

Robert Downey Jr. - Robert Downey Jr.

Andy Garcia is a cop obsessed with the long-cold trail of a serial killer, while Uma Thurman is a blind music instructor who may be the next victim. A flash of frontal nudity in a photograph.
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Jennifer 8 (Bruce Robinson, ) I first saw Jennifer 8 twenty years ago, and pretty much all I remembered about it was “Uma Thurman nude!.
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However, production began on 23 Sep , as announced in the 1 Oct HR production chart. More Less. Sergeant John Berlin moves from Los Angeles to Eureka, California, at the prompting of his friend and former sergeant, Freddy Ross, who hopes that the small town will be good for John, who is getting over a painful divorce. John arrives at the town dump, where the body of a man was discovered.

Jennifer 8 Bruce Robinson, Is that a pillbox on your face or are you happy to see me? I first saw Jennifer 8 twenty years ago, right after it had come out on video. Playing a cello. What more do you need to know? Problem is, he could never convince anyone there was an actual serial killer wandering around. Ditto Kathy Baker.


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    Andy Garcia and John Malkovich in Jennifer 8 () Andy Garcia in Jennifer 8 . Rated R for violence and terror, and for language and brief nudity | See all.

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    Uma Thurman in Jennifer 8 () Andy Garcia and John Malkovich in Jennifer 8 () Andy Garcia .. Uma Thurman used a body double for her nude scene.

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    They have dubbed the case "Jennifer 8" because Berlin is positive that he knows the identity of the next victim. She is Thurman nude scene is body double.

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