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Life in southern Sudan - in pictures

South Sudan commemorates its fifth anniversary as an independent country on July 9., Different groups of civil movements and individual people.

As news of the crisis in Sudan spreads, the color blue has become a symbol of solidarity with protestors in the country on social media. People are changing their profile pictures to blue in an attempt at raising awareness of the extreme violence inflicted upon civilians by the military rulers. An internet blackout imposed in an attempt to stop protests has made spreading information difficult. The color blue is in remembrance of Mohamed Hashim Mattar, a young man who was killed during the June 3 crackdown on peaceful demonstrations by the Sudanese Military. The blue trend was brought to the United States with a viral Instagram post from Remaz Mahgoub Khalaleyal, who asked her American followers Tuesday to reach out to their representatives and condemn the violence.

Khartoum - Sudanese protesters poured into the main streets of Khartoum on Monday to intensify pressure on the transitional military council to set up a civilian government. Police and soldiers responded by using tear gas and batons on hundreds of demonstrators who had set on fire tyres in Khartoum's northern Bahri neighbourhood, according to a dpa reporter on the scene. Now we are regrouping to continue the protests until we get what we want," Nasr Eddin, a year-old protester, told dpa.


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