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'Big Bang Theory': Raj and Penny resolve their hook-up

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Penny gets the wrong idea and angrily asks him if he pulled some weird "Indian crap" on her. Raj claims to Penny that when they were about to have sex, Raj.
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How to put this? Meanwhile, Sheldon warred with Penny over the comfy chair she grabbed off the street, and Amy discovered why said chair should never have been brought up in the first place.
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Annoyed, Leonard finally tells him that it was exactly what it looked like - Penny and Raj slept together. When the four boys reunite in the cafeteria, tensions run high as Leonard is upset with Raj and doesn't understand how he could do that to him. When Raj confesses that he and Penny are in love, Leonard scoffs and tells him that he was in love with Bernadette just months before. Howard is shocked at hearing this and the three boys start arguing.

Penny worries that her behavior has screwed things up permanently with her friends. Meanwhile, Sheldon takes command of their paintball team, but the guys are too worried about their own personal problems to take it seriously. Howard and an embarrassed Raj arrive and Sheldon informs them about the University 's interdepartmental Paintball Tournament. He asks Leonard if the situation is awkward because Raj had just slept with Penny in Leonard's own bed. After Leonard sarcastically answers that he's fine with it, Sheldon answers that he knows it's sarcasm but doesn't care. Sheldon then begins to ponder about his rank within his team; however, this is the last thing on the other guys' minds.


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