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Pauline Ado is a world class professional female surfer from France who competes on the World Championship Tour and has for a number of years. She recently dropped a parody video below that intentionally uses a stereotypical, sexy female surfing representation for disruption.

This week's announcement that "selfie" was the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year spawned a host of articles on the subject -- specifically, what selfies "mean" for young women. The jury is apparently still out. Rachel Simmons at Slate called them "tiny bursts of girl pride ," a medium through which girls can celebrate themselves, putting humility and shyness aside.
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These sexy Scarlett Johansson Feet Pictures are slices of heaven., Over and over again, Tootsie makes the impossible possible on a burlesque stage.

HER dream was to have her own pictorial book. But when revealing photos for her upcoming book got leaked online recently, her dream came to a halt. With its thunder stolen, Ada Pan Huiru's pictorial book has been shelved indefinitely, much to her disappointment - and surely, that of her adoring male fans too.

On their way to visit a former college professor, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss break down outside creepy mansion, Frankenstein Place. They go inside seeking a telephone, but instead come face to face with Dr Frank n Furter, who is in the middle of one of his maniacal experiments. Get ready to say hello to sweet, sexy oblivion. Blue star Duncan James dons corset and stilettos as he takes on the role of Frank n Furter, sweet transvestite, pleasure seeker, and mad scientist who holds the key to creating life. James is remarkable in the role, fabulously flirtatious, hugely seductive, and simply oozing with charisma. Ben Adams and Joanne Clifton are wonderful as squeaky-clean couple Brad and Janet pure, polished and pristine.


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