Spanking therapy london

Tantric Male Massage Spanking Therapy in Central London

spanking therapy london

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Relaxation Therapy

My lovely collection of wooden paddle has grown! - Relaxation spanking therapy is one of the types of sessions that I offer that aims to use endorphins chemicals naturally produced by your brain to relax and make you feel good.

Your Spanking Visit

A big strong mature gentleman massaging, touching, feeling, handling, holding, squeezing, lightly kneading, worshipping, erotically spanking your magnificent arse. - Call us: no male callers or withheld numbers.

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Call us: no male callers or withheld numbers. I am based in Woking, Surrey. Although I have listed specific towns, I generally travel to most areas, locations, towns and cities in the Counties that I also list. Spanking Therapy. Although I do have an interest and fascination in psychology and a quintessential awareness of the human psyche, I must clearly state from the outset that I am NOT a qualified therapist, counsellor, psycho-therapist, psychologist or life coach and I use these terms loosely in relation to this particular style of spanking therapy and therapeutic spanking. If you feel that you have psychosomatic, psychological issues that are more deep-rooted in connection with past trauma, physical abuse or with other similar issues related to corporal punishment, then I am NOT the person for you and I would respectfully suggest that you seek help or guidance from your GP or a registered, qualified therapist who can help you with such issues.

If you would like to visit me for discipline, you may either telephone or email me. Phoning will assure you that you are dealing with the sort of upper class English lady that you should expect to get a good, sound British Spanking from. However, emailing is also fine we can talk afterwards. What I want most is to make sure that we are in tune with each other. I spank for pleasure, and because I believe men need it. Whichever you do, please remember that first impressions are very important. Ensure that you are respectful and show good manners.


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