Asian hair sucks

I Tried Not Washing My Hair For A Week And Discovered Being Lazy Isn't Worth It

asian hair sucks
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ahhh barber shops suck for Asian hair and my usual salon is booked today. Asian guy problems PM - 27 Jun 37 Retweets; Likes; ivana.
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5 ways that asian hair is different from caucasian hair

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Best way to cut & style asian hair in my opinion. them pictures before they start cutting but they never get the look that I like.. sucks for me.
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I Tried the Top Upvoted Curly-Hair Routines From Reddit—Here’s What Worked (and What Didn’t)

By Guest serendipityxt, November 25, in soompi hangout. I want to ask you guys anyway cause soompiers are always so reliable hehe.
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Earlier this year, an app called Meitu , made by the Chinese technology company of the same name, was discovered by Americans and Europeans and went viral. Photo apps like Snapchat and Instagram reign supreme in the West, but outside this sphere, there's a whole universe of popular photo editing apps like Meitu that most English-speaking people haven't tapped into yet. And if the viral — albeit short-lived — success of Meitu is anything to go by, it's only a matter of time before similar apps from East Asia break into the Western market again.

Expat hair in a tropical humid climate is another beast compared to the one you knew back home in your temperate zone. Living in countries like Singapore where I reside the humidity level sits at a high 90 degrees all year round and the biggest problem women often face with their locks is the dreaded hair frizz. Knowing why your hair becomes frizzy and the best way to help control this is important when there is so much moisture in the air. Yes I know humidity can be great for your skin and keeping those wrinkles at bay but unfortunately it is not very helpful when it comes to your hair. Therefore hair care in the tropics takes on a whole different level for expats and realizing this and making adjustments early can save you from months and months of hair frustration. Everyone tends to be habit driven and so it is only natural that you will start by using the same hair regime as you have always used but it could be time for that change. The middle section of your hair is made up of keratin proteins that are banded tightly together in two different ways.

For example, a study published in the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists 57, July discovered that there are at least 5 basic differences between Asian and Caucasian hair. Typical human hair has 5 to 10 layers of cuticles.


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